Hakkı Dursun Yıldız


24 Ekim, 1992
İstanbul University Faculty of Literature Department of History

Historian (b. 1937, Karaağaç village / Şavşat / Artvin – d. 24 October 1992). He attended elementary school in Şavşat and high school in Artvin. After studying in Çapa Teacher Training School for a time, he then graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of History (1961). He did his PhD thesis on “Halife Mutasım Devrinde Abbasi İmparatorluğu” (The Abbacy Empire in the Era of Caliph Mustapha) in 1966. After his return from military service, obtaining a scholarship from the French government he stayed in Aix-en-Provence for research purposes, and then he came back to Turkey (1970). With his thesis “Samerra Devrinin Sonuna Kadar İslâm Devleti’nde Türkler” (Turks in the Islamic State to the End of the Samerra Era) he became an associate professor in 1972 then he became a professor in 1979. He was appointed as the Dean of Marmara University, Faculty of Literature; in addition, he was a trustee of the Research Institute of Turkish Culture, the Turkish Historical Society Executive Council, the Turk-Arab Research Foundation and he was also a member and Vice President of the Turkish Culture Service Foundation Trustee Committee.

He wrote many articles for Meydan Larousse, the Islamic Encyclopedia, the Small-Turkish Islamic Encyclopedia and the Encyclopedia of the Anatolian Civilizations. He wrote chapters in books on subjects such as the Abbasid, Fatimid, Seljuk dynasties and the History of the Republic. His articles were published in reviews such as, Kaynaklar, Türk Kültürü, in the review of İstanbul University, Faculty of Letters, History Department, Diyanet and in annuals.


İstiklal Harbinin Fikri Manevi Temelleri (The Moral and Intellectual Reasons of the Independence War, 1973), Talas Savaşı Hakkında Bazı Düşünceler (Some Thoughts about the War of Talas, 1973), Tarihte Araplar (The Arabs in History, by Bernard Lewis, 1975) Moğol İstilasına Kadar Türkistan (Turkistan up to the Mongol Invasion, translated from V. V. Bartold, 1981), Hazarlar Arasında Müslümanlığın Yayılması (The Spread of Islam Among the Khazars, 1981).



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