Hacer Mirgül Eren Griffe

Eczacı, Araştırmacı, Yazar

20 Aralık, 1954
Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy

Researcher-author, pharmacist. She was born on the 20th of December 1954 in Ankara. She is 6th generation granddaughter of the last Ottoman Grand Vizier of Herzegovina Galip Ali Pasha Rızvanbegovic-Stoceviç and Captain of Huttowa Hacı Bey Rızvanbegovic maternally and 8th generation granddaughter of Bosnian and Governor of Bosnia Daltaban Mustafa Pasha paternally. She graduated from Onuncu Yıl Primary School in Ankara (1966), Bahçelievler Deneme High School (1973) and Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy (1979). In Zurich Technical University, Austria, Switzerland and France she educated herself in her field. She completed her graduate in Ankara University Health Sciences Higher School with a thesis on “İlaç Sanayinde Plus Valör (Residual Value in Medicine Industry)”. She worked as a freelance pharmacist in Ankara as a specialist pharmacist. She is a founder member of İLESAM, YİSAV (Yükseliş Strategic Researches Foundation) and Turkish Bosnian Friendship Association.

Her first article is a presentation taken from a symposium book published in English. She continued her researches about the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Ottoman Turkish Period and earlier and Northern Caucasian History before the Soviet Revolution starting from 1985 in various archives and libraries of the world.


Osmanlının Hizmetkârı Galip Ali Paşa Rızvanbegoviç-Stoceviç (2005), Kuş Gribi mi? P..t Gribi mi? (2005). 


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