Bezmi Nusret Kaygusuz


Faculty of Law

Writer (b. 1890, Crete – d.  1961, İzmir). After graduating from İzmir High School, he attended the School of Commerce and graduated from the Faculty of Law in İstanbul (1913). His first article was published in Musavver Terakki (1903). His other works were published in the newspapers and reviews Hizmet (İzmir) where he worked, Haftalık İzmir, Tenkid (1910, 6 issues, İstanbul) and the newspapers Selamet-i Umumiye and Hakimiyet-i Milliye published by the Ottoman Democratic Party of which he was a member.

As the General Secretary of the Ottoman Democratic Party, he withdrew from politics opposing the decision of the party to join the Liberty and Entente Party and returned to İzmir (1911). After that, he worked as inspector of education and as Governor of the Alaşehir District. He was one of the publishers of the review Musavver Mehasin. He worked in business for a while in İzmir. He retired from the Ministry of Finance (1954).


Fırkalar ve Ben (Anecdotes and I, 1912), İlk ve Son (First and Last, 1919), Hüseyin Cahid Bey (Hüseyin Cahid Bey), Nur Baba Masalı (Fairy Tale of Nur Baba, 1912, İzmir), Bir Roman Gibi (Like a Novel, 1915), Şeyh Bedrettin Simaveni (Şeyh Bedrettin of Simavna, 1957), Kurumuş Pınar (Dry Fountain, 1958). 


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