Bekir Bozdağ

Bakan, Milletvekili, İlahiyatçı, Akademisyen, Hukukçu, Siyasetçi

01 Nisan, 1965
Uludag University Faculty of Theology, Selcuk University Faculty of Law

Theologian and lawyer, academician, politician, deputy, minister. He was born in Yozgat on April 1, 1965. After graduating from Uludağ University Faculty of Theology and Selcuk University Faculty of Law; he has completed his Masters studies at Uludağ University Social Sciences Institute, Subdivision of History of Religions. He worked as a public servant for a while and then worked as a freelance lawyer. He was Akdağmadeni District Mayor Candidate in April 18, 1999 local elections. With the establishment of JDP, he was among the founders of JDP Provincial Organization in Yozgat and he worked as Provincial Vice Chairman for Political and Legal Works in the Founding Provincial Executive Board.

Bekir Bozdağ was Yozgat deputy and member of Justice Committee during 22nd term and he conducted duties as Provincial Organization Co-ordination in different cities and as the Organization Coordinator of 12th Region. Bozdag was Yozgat deputy in 22nd, 23rd and 24th terms and he was JDP group chairman. He was the vice prime minister at 61st Government of Turkish Republic between the dates July 6, 2011 and December 25, 2013. He became the Minister of Justice with the revision on December 25, 2013. He assigned his duty to the undersecretary Kenan İpek according to Article 114 of the Constitution before the June 7, 2015 elections. (March 7, 2015). Bekir Bozdağ knows intermediate level English and Arabic. He is married and father of two.

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