Bayram Bilge Tokel

Müzisyen, Şair

Gazi University Faculty of High Technical Education

Poet and folk music artist (b. 1957, Müftükışla / Boğazlıyan / Yozgat). He graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of High Technical Education (1979). He worked as a radio speaker in the Ministry of National education, Film, Radio and Television Training Center. He also worked as a advisor and creative writer in the music program called "Bizim Eller" (Our Countries) and "Radyo Sanatçıları Konseri" (The Concert of Radio Artists) which both continued in the Turkish Radio Television Association for three years. Beginning from 1986, he has performed his art as a Ministry of Culture, State Folk Music Community artist. In 2003, he became Ministry of Culture Fine Arts General Vice-president. He also has charged as a general secretary and vice-president of the Writers’ Union of Turkey.

Being as an artisan folk music performer, he has made and presented television programs. By interpreting our musical agenda from the perspective of history and culture, He has advised new point of views and different approaches in his articles, of which the moment was consisted of folk songs and folk music. Tokel, who gave solo concerts both in Turkey and abroad, went to the United States in 1989, began to give baglama and folk music lectures in the Maryland University, Department of ethnomusicology. When he was in the United States, he recorded a CD called Bayram (The Festival) in which he composed anonymous folk songs (1991). He has made documentaries called “Bozkırın Tezenesi” (The Plectrum of Steps), “Şen Olasın Ürgüp”(Be Happy Ürgüp), “Bir Garip” (A Lonely) for Turkish Radio Television Corporation and also he made the songs of the documentary called “Gurbet ve Yemen” (Abroad and Yemen).

He began to literature by publishing his poems in the Hisar review(1977). In addition writing essays, poems and critiques in Türk Edebiyatı, Divan, Töre, Doğuş, Dolunay, Erguvan, Türk Yurdu, Yörünge, Son Duvar, Polemik, etc. reviews, he also has written articles on music.


POETRY: Bir Yer Üşür (A Palace Feels Cold, 1996).

STUDY: The High Region of Islam (Drama For Children, 1988), Neşet Ertaş Kitabı (The Book of Neşet Ertaş, 2000), Bağımıza Gazel Düştü-Müziğe Dair (Ode Is Falling into our Share, essay, 2002).

SOLO ALBUM: Bayram / The World of Music (The Festival, the United States, 1990), Türk Folk Ezgileri (Turkish Folk Melodies, 1999), Yanık Havalar (The Touching Songs, 2000).



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