Işıl Özgentürk

Senaryo Yazarı, Öykü Yazarı, Yazar

19 Eylül, 1948
Istanbul University Faculty of Economics
Diğer İsimler
Zeynep Işıl Türkben

Writer (b. 19 September 1948, Gaziantep). Her real name is Zeynep Işıl Türkben. She is cinema director Ali Özgentürk’s wife. He started High School in Gaziantep and later attended İstanbul Çamlıca High School for Girls. He graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics. She improved the scenerios she wrote when she was student and collected awards with the scenerios she wrote in the following years. She was tried in 12th March period with the claim of being engaged in setting Culture Center into fire but was acquitted. Her interviews were published in the newspaper, Cumhuriyet (1977-80). Her first short story for children and one of her poems for children had been placed in the contest organised by Arkın Publishing House (1974-75). She collected 1979 Turkish Language Association Children Literature Award with her book Hayat Okulu (The Life School). The films named At (The Horse), Bekçi (The Watchman, from Orhan Kemal’s Novel Murtaza) scenerios of which she wrote together her husband Ali Özgentürk who is a cinema director, collected awards in the film festivals of various countries. Besides she wrote the scenerio of the film, Su da Yanar (Water Burns, too) directed by Ali Özgentürk.


SHORT STORY: Yokuşu Tırmanır Hayat (Life Climbs Uphill, 1980), Hançer (The Dagger, 1982), Alevin ve Ateşin İçinden (Trough Flame and Fire, short story- interview, 1986), Derdim Yeter Sakin Ol (My Trouble is Enough Calm Down, short story-essay, 1987).

CRITIQUE: Büyülü Bir Yolda (On a Bewitched Way, 1998).

She has also books for children.



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