Sünbülzade Vehbî

Divan Şairi

29 Nisan, 1809
Diğer İsimler
Mehmed (asıl adı)

Poet (b. ?, Maraş – d. 29 April 1809, İstanbul). He introduced himself by presenting eulogies to political leaders in İstanbul to where he had come after he was educated in Maraş. He worked as a local judge in the Yaş, Bucharest, Wallachia and Moldavia regions. He then became a senior state clerk (1786). He served as the Ambassador to Iran (1757) and local judge in Rhodes (1786), Zağra (1788) Manisa and Manastır. Although an execution order was given when he fell out of favor, it was retracted and he lived in prosperity in his later years. He is buried in Edirnekapı Graveyard. Sünbülzade Vehbi became a famous poet in his time and even featured folk idioms in his work but his poems were thought to lack lyricism by Tanzimat Poets and were discounted.


Divan (Divan*, Bulak, 1837), Lutfiyye-i Vehbî (The Kindness of God, Persian- Turkish dictionary), Şevkengiz (Book of Giving Pleasure, 1869, explains two people in divine love after both of them finally decide to mutually praise the beauty of man and woman. Published with Defter-i Aşk (Notebook of Love) and Zenanname (Book of Women by Fazıl of Enderun), Münşeat (Letters), Ramazaniyye (Ramadan Poems), Vassafiyye (Book of Qualifications).



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