Suat Taşer

Oyuncu, Çevirmen, Yazar, Şair

17 Kasım, 1982
Ankara State Conservatoire Department of Theatre
Diğer İsimler
Nazım Engin, Reşat Taus

Poet and writer (b. 1919, İstanbul – d. 17 November 1982, İzmir). He graduated from Ankara State Conservatoire, Department of Theatre, Advanced Education (1945). For a long time he worked as an actor at the Ankara State Theatre, as a broadcaster on Ankara Radio, as a director at the İzmir State Theatre and as a lecturer at 9th Eylül University, Department of Theatre.

He published his poems from 1938 firstly in the magazines Servet-i Fünûn and Uyanış, then Varlık, Adımlar, Pınar, Yığın, Kaynak, Yeryüzü, Yeni Sanat, Seçilmiş Hikâyeler, Ataç, and Yeditepe. Because of a poem published in the magazine Yeryüzü, he was put on trial due to a violation of article 142 of the Turkish Penal Code but then was acquitted. He was one of the socialist poets of the 1940’s generation. At first his poems took socialist thought as a theme but as the time passed, they turned into more individual, introverted poems. Some of his poems have a certain humor and satire. With his translation Bir Karakter Yaratmak (Creating a Character), he received the 1982 Yazko Encouragement Award. From 1984 the Suat Taşer Play Award has been held in his memory.


POETRY: Bir (One, 1942,1943, with Fehmi Giray, 1943), Hürriyet (Liberty, with Ömer Faruk Toprak, 1945), Merhaba (Hello, 1952), Haraç Mezat (Going, Going, Gone! 1954), İkinci Kurtuluş (Second Independence, 1960), Hayret Bey’in Serüveni (The Adventure of Hayret Efendi, 1968), Evrende Ellerimiz (Our Hands in the Universe, 1970),

PLAY: Aşk ve Barış (Love and Peace, 1961), Deli Dumrul (Crazy Dumrul, 1962).

RESEARCH: Üç Duvarlı Bir Dünya (A World Having Three Walls, 1951), Tiyatro Meseleleri (Issues of the Theatre, 1953), Bir Dünya ki (What a World! 1956), Aktörlük Sanatı (The Art of Being an Actor, 1964), Komedi Sanatı (The Art of Comedy, 1964), Sahneye Koyma Sanatı (The Art of the Performance of a Play, 1967), Bir Aktör Hazırlanıyor (An Actor is Coming, 1967), Bir Karakter Yaratmak (Creating a Character, from Stanislavski, 1981), Konuşma Eğitimi (Speech Education, 1987). Also many of his translations have been published.


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