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Minstrel (b.1807, Everek / Dereli / Kayseri – d. 1886). He studied at Madrasah (Muslim School) for two years. He lived for seven years in İstanbul where he had come during the period of Abdülmecit (1839-61). He was charged with a criminal offense because he satirized some statesmen. He returned to his hometown while a warrant was put out for his arrest. It is known that he lived in poverty his later years.

He became more successful with the poems he wrote in the minstrel style in syllabic meter than with his prosodic poems. Seyrani declared that he belonged to the Nakshbendi dervish order in one of his poems. In the satires that brought him fame, he criticized the failings of the time, mainly the inefficient statesmen and the inexperienced religious people. He gave voice to his pain in his lyric poems. His poems, that made him one of the most important poets of the 19th Century, were compiled and published in 1924 by Ahmet Hazım in Sanihat-ı Seyranî or Seyranî Baba Divanı (Inside Seyrani or The Divan* of Father Seyrani), 1924) and also with examination by Cahit Öztelli Dertli-Seyranî (Aggrieved Seyrani) in 1953.


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