Sevim Belli

Tıp Doktoru, Çevirmen, Siyasetçi, Yazar

Istanbul University Medical Faculty

Politician, physician, author, translator. She was born in Istanbul in 1925. She is member of a famous family and the ship owner Rıza Kalkavan is the father of her mother. Therefore Sevim (Tarı) Belli grew up in Beylerbeyi, in Nazım Kalkavan Mansion. She is the daughter of a former Chief Police Officer İsmail Hakkı Tarı, and the wife of politician and author Mihri Belli. She studied in Medical Faculty of Istanbul University and specialized in Paris. However she did not practice her profession and has always been within the Turkish socialist-communist movement and at its service. She served prison within this movement for months and went to exiles. She was rather known with her struggle about woman rights within the socialist movement. She is the first person to be arrested in 1951 investigations. She met Mihri Belli in prison and married him in 1957 again in prison. In 2008 she was elected as the leader of Socialist Party she was a founder of.

Sevim Belli declared the foundation purposes of Socialist Party during the speech she made after being elected as the party leader, in following words: “Socialism demands justice for the exploited, oppressed, aggrieved nations, women, children, disabled, people under pressure and outsiders. Socialist democracy is the defender of positive discrimination for all oppressed ones and especially for twice-oppressed women.”  She also said that the party attaches importance to women, Kurdish problem and laborers’ struggle and wishes to see the oppressed of today with them in the struggle for bright futures.

She has a memory book titled “Boşuna mı Çiğnedik?” which includes sections from her political life and numerous translations.


MEMORIES - ESSAYS: Boşuna mı Çiğnedik? (1994).

TRANSLATIONS: Alman İdeolojisi (From F. Engel - K. Marx, 1992), Felsefenin Başlangıç İlkeleri (From G. Politzer, 1999), Anarşizim Üzerine (From F. Engel - K. Marx, 1999), Ekonomi Politiğin Eleştirisine Katkı (From K. Marx, Ücretli Emek ve Sermaye (From  K. Marx, 1999), Fransa’da Sınıf Savaşımları 1848-1850 (From K. Marx, 1996), İlkel, Köleci ve Feodal Toplum Kapitalist Öncesi Biçimler (From Z. Mitropolski, 1992), Kapitalist Toplum (From Z. Mitropolski, 1995), Louis Bonaparte’ın 18 Brumaire’i (From K. Marx), Ludwig Feuerbach ve Klasik Alman Felsefesinin Sonu (From F. Engels, 1992), Materyalizm ve Ampiryokritisizm Gerici bir Felsefe Üzerine Eleştirel Notlar (From V. İ. Lenin, 1993).


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