Asaf Çiyiltepe

Yönetmen, Oyuncu, Şair

07 Haziran, 1967
Galatasaray High School

Poet, actor, director (B. 1934, Ankara- D. June 7, 1967, Islahiye).  He completed his secondary education in Galatasaray High School and attended to Istanbul University Medical School for a while. He did not graduate and began to take roles in private theatres (1954). He went to France with a scholarship (1956) and also conducted research about theatre in Germany, Sweden and Finland. He was the vice director in Théatre National Populaire, director and actor in Comédi de Saint-Etienne and Compaigne Chavert. When he returned to Istanbul in 1960, he worked as a director in Istanbul City Theatres and in Arena he established and in Ankara Art Theatre. He had a traffic accident in June 2 and injured badly, he died in care of Hacettepe Hospital.

He published his poems in Yenilik, Mavi magazines (1953-57). His poem file Uzak was not published. He received the first degree in 1957 Yunus Nadi Poem Gift, he received the best director award with “72. Koğuş” in 1967. He translated Kral Übü (from Alfred Jarry, 1962).

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