Anais M. Martin

Opera Sanatçısı, Yazar

01 Ocak, 1945
Istanbul University Faculty of Literature Department of Art History
Diğer İsimler
Anais Martin, Anais M. Martin, Ano Hançer

Opera artist, writer. She was born on January 01, 1945, Istanbul. Her real name is Anais Martin. She has used the pseudonyms Anais M. Martin and sometimes Ano Hancer in her works. Theatre and cinema director Nisan Hancer is her former husband. She graduated from Aramiyan Unciyan Primary School, Uskudar Turkish Girls' College and from Istanbul University Faculty of Literature Department of Art History (1973). Also, she has attended to the piano and singing lessons at Istanbul Municipality Conservatory (1974) (Kadikoy State Conservatory today) and Istanbul State Conservatory where she was a guest student at piano secondary section, accompany with piano and singing departments (1978).

She performed her first concert as a pianist when she was five years old (1950). With the examination she participated in 1973 she was appointed as a solo singer and chorister at Istanbul State Opera and worked there for twenty five years. She worked as a choir artist at French Nice Opera (1999-2004). During her university years, she taught music at Society for the Protection of Children Zeytinburnu Nursery School and also gave music and pedagogy courses to nursery teacher candidates for three years. She left the nursery, where she raised many piano and singing students, due to marriage and settled in France. From 1998 onwards, she continued her living in Valence, France and Kadıkoy-Moda, Istanbul by conducting artistic and literary activities.

Anais N. Martin was married with Turkish movies and theatre director Nisan Hancer for a while in Istanbul, and she also worked as secretary and assistant theatre director of Hancer. She was the translator and director assistant of the play staged at Istanbul State Opera, named Nabucco (1992). She worked as a "dubbing artist" in several studios between 1991-1994. She acted at advertisements and in Turkish movies in supporting roles for long years. She has successfully achieved the examination she took part in 1999 at Nice Opera in order to become "Choriste Supplementaire" (visiting choir artist) and she became the contracted staff of this art institution. Apart from opera studies, she participated in Story Telling festivals and successfully represented her country in France (2001 Grenoble, 2002 Romans, and 2003 Rodez story telling festivals). The Elma Kurtları kids’ musical was adapted by her from her story named Elma Kurtları and is was exhibited at Istanbul State Opera since 2007 alternately. She received culture art and music award from TOBAV in 1998 and also success and service award from Turkish Opera and Ballet. She is married to Bruno Martin and has a son named S. Miran Martin. She is also a member of TOBAV and Writers' Trade Union of Turkey.

Anais M. Martin says "Armenian and Turkish are my two native languages" and she also speaks French and English. Along with her opera career, her articles, essays, stories and translations were published at journals such as Türk Dili Dergisi, Sanat Derzini, Kar and Sanat Yaprağı. Her translations from English and French were in culture-art page of Dünya newspaper in 1968.


SHORT STORY: Balkabakları (2007).

FAIRY TALE: Ballı Masallar (2007), Uyduruk Masallar (The series consists of 10 books, 2007),

TRANSLATION: Kader Ağlarını Örerken ( from Agop J. Hacikyan, 2007), Tokat’lı Adem (from French, 2009), Ararat – Ağrı Dağının Öte Yanı (form English, 2009).

REFERENCE: İhsan Işık / Türkiye Edebiyatçılar ve Kültür Adamları Ansiklopedisi (2006).


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