Alparslan Açıkgenç

Araştırmacı, Yazar

Ankara University Faculty of Theology

Researcher and writer (b. 1952, Şenkaya / Erzurum). He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Theology (1974). He received masters education in the University of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee University (1977), and completed his doctorate studies in the University of Chicago in the United States (1983). He became assistant professor in 1984, associate professor in 1987, and professor in 1987. He worked as an academician in the Ankara Middle East Technical University Department of Philosophy (1983-93), University of Chicago (1985), and Tokat University (with the title Prof. Dr., 1993-94).

He has still partially given lectures in the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia). He published his articles in the faculty reviews and also in İslâmî Araştırmalar (1980-87) and Kitap reviews (1988). He has written entries to the TDV İslâm Encyclopedia. He has been a member of Philosophical Society of Turkey.


ESSAY-STUDY: Bilgi Felsefesi (Epistemology, 1992), Being and Existence in Sadrâ and Heidegger: A Comparative Ontology (Kuala Lumpur, 1992), Islamic Science: Toward a Definition (Kuala Lumpur, 1996), Kavram ve Süreç Olarak Bilginin İslâmîleştirilmesi (Islamization of Scholar as a Concept and Process, 1998).

Besides he translated the works of Fazlur Rahman.



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