Münevver Ayaşlı

Araştırmacı Yazar, Roman Yazarı, Yazar

20 Ağustos, 1999

Writer (b. 1906, Thessalonica – d. 1999, İstanbul). She traveled across different regions of the Empire, because of her father's military office. She attended the College de France and graduated from the School of Eastern Languages (France). She learned Arabian and Persian. She attended the lectures on Sufism by the orientalist Massignon. She wrote columns and serialized novels for the newspapers Yeni İstanbul, Sabah and Yeni Asya. Her familiarity of both the Eastern and Western cultures in addition to her juvenile years spent at the palace provided her with a deep knowledge. Due to her contributions to Turkish science, cultural and artistic life, she shared the award of Writers Union of Turkey in 1984 with Fevziye Abdullah Tansel. She was primarily famous for her novels and memoirs.


NOVEL: Pertev Bey’in Üç Kızı (Three Daughters of Pertev Bey, 1968), Pertev Bey’in İki Kızı (Two Daughters of Pertev Bey, 1969), Pertev Bey’in Torunları (Grand Children of Pertev Bey, 1969), Pertev Bey, Üç Kızı, İki Kızı, Torunları (Pertev Bey, His Three Daughters, His Two Daughters, His Grand Children, three novels published in a volume, 2002).

RESEARCH: Ondokuzuncu Asır ve Kıbrıs Fetvası (Nineteenth Century and Cyprus Fatwa, 1971), Gizli Cemiyetler (Secret Associations, 1992), Teşrinisani ve Ötesi (October and the Beyond, 2002), Geniş Ufuklara ve Yabancı İklimlere Doğru (Towards Wider Horizons and Foreign Seasons, chronological history, 2003), Rumeli ve Muhteşem İstanbul (Rumeli and Magnificient İstanbul, 2003).

MEMOIR: İşittiklerim Gördüklerim Bildiklerim (What I Heard, Saw and Know, 1973), Dersaadet (Gate of Happiness, 1975), Vaniköy’ünde Fazıl Paşa Yalısı (The Waterside Residance of Fazıl Paşa in Vaniköy), Hatırlayabildiklerim (What I Can Remember).

ESSAY: Edeb Yâhû (Please, a Little Shame!, 1984).


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