Ali Günvar

Mimar, Yazar, Şair

08 Temmuz, 1953
İstanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture

Poet, writer and architect (b. 8 July 1953, İzmir). He attended Robert College and graduated from İstanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture (1978). He completed his M. A. at the same university. He attended Hilmi Yavuz’s Philosophy lectures at Boğaziçi University as a guest student for four terms. As an architect he participated in Bayraklı, Tepekule, Antic İzmir City and Erythrai archeological excavations and investigative excavation operations that were supervised by Ord. Prof. Dr. Ekrem Akurgal for four years. Over seven years he coordinated the preparation and publishing of the books Türk Evi (Turkish House), İstanbul Anıları (İstanbul Memories) and Boğaziçi Anıları (Memories from the Bosphorus) in Office of Architect Prof. Sedad Hakkı Eldem.

His poems and articles appeared in magazines such as Şiir Atı, Birikim, Yazko Edebiyat, Hürriyet Gösteri, Oluşum, Poetika and Üç Çiçek. He was awarded with the 5th Honorable Mention at the Mevlana Culture Center Project Competition in the field of architecture. In the area of literature, he received the 1998 Writers Union of Turkey Poetry Award for his book Eyzan (So).


POETRY: Çarpık Hüzünler Kantatı (Cantat of Crooked Sorrow, 1983), Anthropomorphus (Anthropomorphous, 1992), Eyzan (So, 1997), Nisyan / Rapsodi (Forgetting / Rhapsody, 2002).

ESSAY: Doğru Yazılar (True Articles, 1999).



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