Muzaffer Tayyip Uslu


03 Temmuz, 1946
Çelikel High School

Poet (b. 1922 - d. 3 July 1946, Zonguldak). He spent his childhood years in different cities around Anatolia, as his father was a policeman. The poet and writer Behçet Necatigil was his literature teacher at Zonguldak Çelikel High School. After high school, he entered İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Philosophy. However, he had to give up his studies because of financial problems. He returned to Zonguldak and began to work as a civil servant. He caught pneumonia, like his friend, the poet Rüştü Onur and it turned into tuberculosis due of lack of medical care. He requested to be kept in a sanatorium for treatment but this was not possible. Finally, he died of the disease.

His poems were published in the local literary review Kara Elmas, published by the Public House in Zonguldak and in Varlık. He felt that he would not live long, so he was very productive in the last six years of his life. Therefore, he hastily collected his poems in a book and published his only book with the title Şimdilik (Just for Now) in 1945. His namesake and friend Muzaffer Soysal wrote a long introductory foreword in this work. This was the first and last book of a young poet of only twenty-three. Some of these poems were written at high school. It is natural that these poems, written in his youth and influenced by Orhan Veli, exhibit his inexperience with lines that do not click into place. However, Muzaffer Tayyip’s clear language and sentimental discourse attracts the attention of readers immediately.

Ten years after his death, all his poems and articles about him were collected in a book with the title Muzaffer Tayyip Uslu, by Necati Cumalı. 



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