Mustafa Necati Karaer


02 Nisan, 1929
14 Mart, 1995
War School

Poet (b. 2 April 1929, Kayseri - d. 14 March 1995, İstanbul). He attended Kayseri Etiler Primary School (1941) and graduated from Konya Kuleli Military High School (1947) and School of Land Warfare (1949). After graduating from the School of War, he had duties in the army as an engineering officer. From 1951 on he served in military units in Karacabey (Bursa), Ezine (Çanakkale), Ankara and Kırklareli. At the same time, he graduated from Ankara Faculty of Law (1961). In the year 1969, he discharged himself from the army and he began working at the Press Advertising Organization. In 1978, he became an assistant to the general director of this organization. He died while in this position.

His first poem Türk (Turkish) was published in the paper Kayseri (İkinci Kânun - First Law, 1942). His first poem in a magazine of literature Yurdumun Dağlarına (To the Mountains of My Country) was published in the magazine Çınaraltı (issue: 49, 29 August 1942). His other poems and essays were published in the magazines Çınaraltı (1942-48), Şadırvan (1948), Ülkü (1948), Hisar (1950-57, 1964-80, founder and member of the writing committee), Varlık (1957), Türk Yurdu (1960), Türk Dili (1960-94), Türk Edebiyatı (1972-95, one of the founders and to which he gave the name), İnanç (1984), Millî Kültür (1984-88). He was one of the founders of the magazine Hisar and became one of the most widely known poets of the magazine.

He wrote poems that were the products of precision built on new inventions, together with benefiting from tradition. He was awarded the first prize in a competition held by the Musical Industry Foundation in 1981 with his research on Karacaoğlan. He won first prize in the poetry competition held by the Ministry of Culture in 1981, which commemorated the 100th anniversary of Atatürk’s birth with his book named Kuşlar ve İnsanlar (The Birds and the Humans, 1981) and he received the Ankara Journalists Association Poetry Award in 1982 with the same work. He also received the Writers Union of Turkey Poetry Award in 1985 with his book named Kerem ile Aslı (Kerem and Aslı). In 1984, he was chosen as the poet of the year by the magazine İnanç. His poems under the title Hürriyet Çağına Destan (Epic for the Generation of Freedom), which were not collected in a book, were broadcast on Ankara Radio in special programs in 1964 and 1965. His poem named Bu Dünyadan Biz de Bir Gün Gideriz (We Also Shall Leave This World One Day) was set to music in the style of classical Turkish music by İsmail Ötenkaya.


POETRY: Sevmek Varken (While We have The Way of Love, 1972), Güvercin Uçurmak (Setting Pigeons Free, 1977), Kuşlar ve İnsanlar (The Birds and Humans, 1982), Kerem İle Aslı (Kerem and Aslı, epic, 1985), Ses Mimarlarımız'dan Şiirler (Poems from Our Architects of Sound, 1995).

RESEARCH: Karacaoğlan (Karacaoğlan, 1973). 



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