Mustafa Kutlu


06 Mart, 1947
Atatürk University Department of Turkish Language and Literature

     Short storywriter (b. 1947, Erzincan). He spent his childhood in the towns in which his father was mayor. He graduated from Erzincan High School (1964), Erzurum Atatürk University, Department of Turkish Language and Literature (1968). He was a literature teacher in Tunceli and İstanbul (1968-74). He gave up being a teacher and began to work for Dergâh Publications in 1974.

He started his literary career with the stories he published in the magazine Fikir ve Sanatta Hareket (1968). He published his short stories, articles and book reviews in this magazine where he worked as a manager (1968-82) he also worked for the magazine Adımlar (he was one of the directors, Erzurum 1970-72), Hisar, Türk Edebiyatı, Düşünce, Yöneliş, and Dergâh (director). Also he undertook the management of the Encyclopedia of Turkish Language and Literature from its third volume (8 volumes, 1976-98) and wrote many articles for this encyclopedia.

Kutlu, who followed the style of the romantic Anatolian in his first stories, wrote mostly about the daily anxieties of village and town people in his works. Then he wrote about the problems caused by industrialism that developed in parallel with capitalism in Turkey. Yoksulluk İçimizde (Poverty Is Inside Us), in which he brought an Islamic comment on the life we lived within the frame of a love story, was the most accomplished example of a short story that he had developed. In Ya Tahammül Ya Sefer (Patience or Travel), he evaluated the movements of opinion in our recent history.

Each of Kutlu’s stories depends on the tradition of anecdote, which can be seen in our old literature. They are both short and independent and form a complete composition like a book. Kutlu looks for the foundations of theory and practice from the point of view that art can be improved with the thoughts of Islam in his writing and stories. He has become one of the rarely seen artists who present themselves as believers, a trait that has been neglected in our recent history of short story writing.

He was chosen the short story writer of the year twice by the Writers Union of Turkey in 1981 with Yoksulluk İçimizde (Poverty Is Inside Us) and in 1983 with Ya Tahammül Ya Sefer (Patience or Travel). In 2000, with his book Uzun Hikâye (Long Story), he received the Writers Union of Turkey Language Award. From 1986, he published articles on the city with the title Bir Demet İstanbul (A Bunch of İstanbul) in Zaman newspaper. Then he continued to write these articles in Yeni Şafak. He published a monthly art-literature magazine named Dergâh from March 1990. He is interested in cinema and theatre and he has written scripts. He has prepared cultural programs for Channel 7.


SHORT STORY: Ortadaki Adam (The Man in the Middle, 1970), Gönül İşi (The Matter of Love, 1974), Yokuşa Akan Sular (Water Flowing Up to Slopes, 1979), Yoksulluk İçimizde (Poverty Is Inside Us, 1981), Ya Tahammül Ya Sefer (Patience or Travel, 1983), Bu Böyledir (This is This, 1987), Sır (The Secret, 1990), Arka Kapak Yazıları (Back Cover Writings, 1995), Hüzün Ve Tesadüf (Melancholy and Coincidence, 1999), Uzun Hikâye (Long Story, narrative 2000), Beyhude Ömrüm (My Life in Vain, 2001), Mavi Kuş (Blue Bird, 2002).

RESEARCH: Sait Faik’in Hikâye Dünyası (The Story World of Sait Faik, 1968), Sabahattin Ali (Sabahattin Ali, 1972).

ESSAY: Şehir Mektupları (City Letters, 1995), Akasya ve Mandolin (Acacia and Mandolin, 1999).


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