Florinalı Nazım

Yazar, Şair

Diğer İsimler
Mehmet Nazım Özgünay

Poet (b. 1833, Florina – d. 1939, İstanbul). He studied law in İstanbul. He worked as a civil officer at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as the manager of the review Polis Mecmuası at the Security Department, and as the head of Branch of Publications at the Security Department. His rejected to be registered as a lawyer to the İstanbul Chamber of Lawyers, due to mental fatigue.

He wrote proper poems in language and technique; however, he gained his real fame with his megalomania that made others to laugh at him. He declared himself “the king of poetry”in his late years. He published poems and articles praising himself in newspapers (İbrahim Alaaddin Gövsa). Though his poetry book was not published, he published twelve brochures boosting him. 



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