Mustafa Erdoğan

Siyaset Bilimci, Hukukçu, Gazeteci, Yazar

12 Nisan, 1956
Ankara University Faculty of Law

     Law and political scientist (b. 12 April 1956). He attended Yeşilce Primary School (1968), Araklı Secondary School (1971) and graduated from Ankara Primary Teacher School (1975) and Ankara University, Faculty of Law (1981). He became a Doctor of Public Law (1988) and a constitution associate professor (1991) of Political and Social Sciences He became a professor in 1997. He started at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences as a researcher after having worked in administrative adjudication. He has been a lecturer at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Studies since 1991. He did scientific research in the United States, George Mason University where he went on a Fulbright scholarship in 1997. He founded the Liberal Thought Community (became a legal foundation in 1994) with Atilla Yayla and Kâzım Berzeg in 1992 and became the chairman between 1995 and 1997. He is also a member of the Turkish Political Sciences Association.

His first article (about a novel of Ahmet Mithat Efendi) was published in the September 1976 issue of the review Pınar. Afterwards, he published his articles mainly in the reviews Yeni Forum (1984-88), Türkiye Günlüğü (1989-94), Liberal Düşünce (1996), Yeni Türkiye (1997-99) and in the newspaper Yeni Yüzyıl (1995-96), Yeni Şafak, Öncü (columnist) and Bin Yıl. He has participated in the television discussions on the Türkiye Newspaper Radio and Television Corporation, Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, Kanal 7, CNN Türk, Kanal E and TV 8 as a panel member and specialist. Under the Turkish Civil Code Article 159, lawsuits have been brought against him four times for his articles and some conferences that he has given since 1998 (28 September). He became a much talked about writer and is followed with interest.

WORKS (Essay-Research):

Liberal Toplum Liberal Siyaset (Liberal Society Liberal Politics, 1992), Anayasacılık, Parlamenterizm, Silahlı Kuvvetler (Constitutionalism, Parliamentarism, Armed Forces, 1993), Demokrasi, Laiklik, Resmi İdeoloji (Democracy, Laicism, Formal Ideology, 1995), Anayasal Demokrasi (Constitutional Democracy, 1996), Modern Türkiye'de Anayasalar ve Siyasi Hayat (Constitutions and Political Life in Modern Turkey, 1997), Rejim Sorunu (The Régime Problem, 1997), 28 Şubat Süreci (28 September Period, 1999).

His translations have also been published. 

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