Fıtnat Hanım

Divan Şairi

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Zübeyde (real name)

Poet (b. ?, İstanbul - d. 1780, İstanbul). Her real name was Zübeyde, she was the daughter of Sheikh-ul-Islam Ebu İshakzâde Mehmed Esad Efendi. She grew up in a very cultural milieu. She had an unhappy marriage with Mehmed Efendi who was one of the Rumelia Chief Military Judges. The effects of her womanhood or an extraordinary success were not seen in her poems which were in Divan* literature tradition. In spite of that, she was renowned with her plain and correct language and the conversations between Şakir Koca Ragıp Paşa (d. 1763) and Haşmet (d. 1769) and her.

It was said that there was a love affair between Koca Ragıp Paşa and Fıtnat Hanım whose odes includes lively and merry poems written in the style of Nedim. Her Divan (Divan*) which contained kaside*, odes, songs, musammat (ode with rhymed verses) and dates on events of thrones, birth, death, was published for two times (İstanbul, 1948; Egypt, 1869).



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