Filiz Akın

Oyuncu, Anı Yazarı, Yazar

TED Ankara College

Movie actress. She was born in Ankara in 1943. She graduated from TED Ankara College. She studied in Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography (DTCF), Department of Archeology.

Before passing to cinema, she worked in an agency. She joined a competition of a magazine called “Artist”, won it (1962) and started to act in movies. She acted for the first time in the movie Akasyalar Açarken” directed by Memduh Ün and she acted rather in romantic movies. Later she shared the leading role with Ajda Pekkan in the movie “Şakayla Karışık”. She became very famous with her acting in the movies “Kadın Berberi” and “Kadın Terzisi”. In the movie “Yankesici Kız” in which she acted in 1964 she proved to the audience that she could play different characters with success. One year later, she added another movie to her career; she shared the leading role with Ayhan Işık in the movie “Kolejli Kızın Aşkı” in 1965. Later she played a similar role in the movie “Çıtkırıldım” and shared the leading role with Cüneyt Arkın in it.

Filiz Akın within the same year acted with Ayhan Işık in the movie “Tamirci Parçası” and played the role of a rich girl. In “Hindistan Cevizi” she shared the leading role with Zeki Müren and played the role of a frivolous person. Akın concealed her authorship from Zeki Müren in the movie. Later she often played the role of the rich girl who is an author but concealed it from others. In the movie “Gül ve Şeker” in which she acted after some years she played the same role. This movie was followed by “Efkarlı Sosyete” in which she acted with Sadri Alışık. In the movie “Sözde Kızlar” in which she acted in 1967 she played the role of a girl who is encountered with various troubles. In this movie, which was adopted from a novel of Peyami Safa, Filiz Akın became a morphine addict, was raped and hospitalized.

Yeşilçam’s beautiful blond Akın played in the movie “Seni Seviyorum” the farmer’s spoiled daughter, in “Silahlı Paşazade” the daughter of the pasha who ached for Cüneyt Arkın, in “Hüzünlü Aşk” a bar singerand in “Lekeli Melek” in which she shared the leading role with Cüneyt Arkın, a secretary. In the movie “Affedilmeyen” which was shot later her castmate was again Cüneyt Arkın. The topic of this movie was also an unforgettable love adventure of a rich girl – poor boy as in many other Yeşilçam movies… The actress who also acted in commercial films married meanwhile the movie-maker Türker İnanoğlu and their son “İlker İnanoğlu” was born who later became the leading actor of “Yumurcak” series known by all movie lovers.

Filiz Akın especially acted in romantic movies. She played the singer girl who fell in love with Kartal Tibet in the famous movie “Reyhan” in 1969. Within the same year, in the movie “Karlı Dağın Eteği” she played the girl who was in love with Ayhan Işık. Later she played two sisters in the same time in the movie “Ağlıyorum” and this time the person she was in love with was Ediz Hun. Her movies were followed by “Cilveli Bir Kız”, “Cambazhane Gülü Fadime” and “Oyun Bitti” in which she sang a lot of songs on the scene. The successful actress was again appreciated by the audience with her roles in “Aşka Tövbe” in which there was an unforgettable scene on the ship, in “Acı Hatıralar” in which she played the woman who decided to commit suicide and in “Seni Sevmek Kaderim” in which she sang sad songs.

In 1973 in the movie “Tatlı Dillim” in which Kemal Sunal acted for the first time on the silver screen she again played two sisters (one of them a villager the other one a townswoman). In “Yumurcağın Tatlı Rüyaları” she played the angel, in “Beyaz Gül” the woman who was in love with Kartal Tibet and in “Memleketim” the woman who was in love with Tarık Akan. By the beginning of 1980 she appeared in the television series called “Geçmiş Bahar Mimozaları” in the television channel TRT.

Filiz Akın started her singing career in 1975. During 1980s she completely quit cinema and married the director and producer Türker İnanoğlu, who always supported her during her cinema career, then Bubi Rubinstein and then Undersecretary of MİT (T.N. Turkish Intelligence Service) Sönmez Köksal.

Some of the main movies in which Filiz Akın acted are as following: “Akasyalar Açarken” (1962),“Gurbet Kuşları” (HalitRefiğ, 1964),“Tamirci Parçası (1965),“Umutsuzlar” (Yılmaz Güney, 1971), “Utanç” (Atıf Yılmaz, 1972),“Memleketim” (1974). Besides among her main movies can be mentioned also “Sahte Nikâh”, “Aşk Merdiveni”,Yankesici Kız” (Türker İnanoğlu), “Battı Balık” (Atıf Yılmaz), “Reyhan” and “Aşk Fırtınaları”. Akın received “Best Actress Prize” with her role in the movie “Ankara Ekspresi” in 1971 Antalya Film Festival.

Filiz Akın defeated chin cancer in 2002. She started campaigns such as “Sarı Bilezik” and “Mavi Bilezik” in order to create support against cancer and made their activities possible. As the Honorary Chairwoman of Starkey Hearing Foundation she started a campaign called “There should be no one in Turkey who cannot hear” and provided hearing devices for about 2000 children who did not have any social security.

In 2004 she wrote a book titled “Dört Yapraklı Yonca” which contained life stories of Bircan Silan Usallı, Filiz Akın, Türkan Şoray, Hülya Koçyiğit and Fatma Girik and also comprehensive interviews. The book titled “Başrolde Filiz Akın” written by Pınar Çekirge in 2007 is a research on the phenomenon of Filiz Akın as an iconographic and sociological value in Turkish cinema. Pınar Çekirge who can be regarded as Filiz Akın’s most loyal and dependent fan transmitted a period in a skillful way around the name of Filiz Akın.

Filiz Akın worked as a columnist for “Sabah” newspaper for a while. She also has two books, which were published as memory books. Also, writers such as Taner Ay, Agâh Özgüç, Atilla Dorsay, Fatih Özgüven and Mehmet Atak have detailed Filiz Akın portraits in magazines. She is also a member of board of visitors of TED University.

BOOKS: Güzelliklere Merhaba (1995), Hayata Merhaba (2005).



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