Ali Fuat Başgil

Düşünür, Hukukçu, Siyasetçi

17 Nisan, 1967
Grenoble Law Faculty, Sorbonne University Department of Philosophy, Paris School of Political Sciences

Intellectual and politician (b. 1893, Çarşamba / Samsun - d. 17 April 1967). He completed his primary education in Çarşamba. After attending high school in İstanbul for a while, he fought at the Caucasian Front during World War I. After the war, he firstly attended Paris Buffone High School (1921) and Grenoble Law Faculty and then he graduated from Sorbonne University, Department of Philosophy and the Paris School of Political Sciences (1929). After he returned to Turkey, he was appointed as the Vice General Director for Higher Education at the Ministry of National Education. One year later, he was appointed as assistant professor at Ankara University, Faculty of Law due to his success in the faculty’s examination. In 1932, he was promoted to professor. Appointed to İstanbul University, Faculty of Law in 1933, Başgil served as an academician for a long time as well as being the dean of the faculty during 1838.

He was promoted to distinguished professor in 1939. He founded the Society of Promoting Free Thought. He prepared the Constitution of Hatay when Hatay was declared an independent state. Returning to Ankara, he served as professor in the faculties of Political Sciences and Law (1943). He was removed from the university under article 147 of the Constitution following the 27 May Coup d’etat. In the elections held in October 1961, he was elected Senator of the province of Samsun for the Justice Party, the foundation of which he was also involved in. Later on, he was nominated as a candidate for the office of President. However, due to pressure put upon him, he gave up, resigned as Senator and went to Switzerland (1962). He lectured on Turkish Language and History at Geneva University in Switzerland. Participating in the 1965 elections, he was elected a parliamentary deputy for İstanbul for the Justice Party.


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