Ali Fuad Gedik

Yazar, Şair

Lausanne University, Ankara University Faculty of Law

Poet and writer (b. 1913, Kastamonu - d. 1987). He was the father of the writer, Tomris Uyar. He graduated from Göztepe American College, the Lausanne University and from Ankara University, Faculty of Law (1935). After working as a teacher for a while, he worked as a judge and prosecutor in Bodrum and Üsküdar. Resigning in 1935, he began to work as a legal advisor at Turkish Airlines and as a lecturer at the School of Navigation. Later he worked as a freelance lawyer. His articles and reviews were published in various reviews.


RESEARCH: Hukuk ve Sosyologlar (Laws and Sociologists, 1945), Charles Baudelaire (Charles Baudelaire, 1946).

VOYAGE: Amerika (America, 1948).

ESSAY-REVIEW: Bir Uçtan Ötekine (From One Side to the Other, 1960).

POETRY: Başka Acı (Another Pain, 1965).


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