Ali Erdemir

Mucit, Bilim İnsanı

02 Temmuz, 1954
Istanbul Technical University Department of Metallurgy Engineering

Inventor, scientist. He was born on the 2nd of July 1954 in Göztaşı (Nürfet) village of Osmaniye / Kadirli. He completed his undergraduate in metallurgy engineering in Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ). In 1977 he acquired his undergraduate degree and worked in İskenderun Iron and Steel Plant for about two years. Later he went to United States of America (USA) for his graduate education. He completed his PhD in metallurgy and material engineering in the same time. In 1987 he returned to Turkey but since he could not find any employment, he returned to USA. He worked in Argonne Laboratory connected to the University of Chicago where he continued his works after 1987.

Dr. Ali Erdemir attracted attention of people with his researches in material engineering, surface engineering and tribology. He won the R&D Award for 4 times with his invention of artificial diamond he developed using nanotechnology. Erdemir’s carbon diamond having a nano-quality has a low coefficient of friction and a very high resistance to temperature. This material may be considered as an artificial diamond; however it has exactly the same characteristics of a real diamond. This invention will also be used for catalytic purposes thanks to its nanostructure. Another characteristic of the invention is that it makes storage of hydrogen and other gases possible, thus making possible the storage of hydrogen to be used in fuel cells.

Erdemir who obtained six patents for other six inventions made the oil more slippery mixing boric acid particles with engine oil. Thus he reduced the friction between the parts of the engine and achieved savings of energy consumption. Erdemir with his researches and inventions became one of the high ranking scientists of Argon’s department of energy systems. Earlier the energy, which was released as a result of friction in engines of vehicles, was wasted. Erdemir and his group who aimed to minimize this lost energy invented this additive which made the engines less corroded about 10-15 times and increased their power. Coefficient of friction of engines was reduced 3-4 times thanks to the invented additive. The wasted energy was now usable to increase the engine power. Thus the engine power which depended on its working principles was increased about 5-10%.

Prof. Dr. Erdemir who is assigned in USA Argon State Laboratory received many awards in USA with his inventions and became one of the 100 most important scientists of the world. Besides, he developed a brand new carbon coating and invented a 40-times more slippery technology than the most slippery material of the world, nano- He continues his scientific researches together with Dr. Osman Eryılmaz and Georgi Dansky. His inventions created a wide echo in USA. The boric-acid-additive invented by the team creates a protective layer in engines which lasts at least 70 thousand kilometers and decreases friction. 

Dr. Demir with his scientific works and inventions was put as candidate for Science Oscar by the famous science magazine and TV channel in USA, titled Discover. Erdemir who continues his researches in Argon National Laboratories connected to Chicago University and USA Ministry of Energy, was deemed worthy of awards with his invention which cancelled out the coefficient of friction.  Erdemir who received an important research award of USA Ministry of Energy also received the Edmond E. Bisson Award, which is granted to one person each year by the Union of Engineers. In Turkey he was granted honorary PhD title by Eskişehir Anadolu University in 1998. Prof. Dr. Erdemir published more than hundred articles on friction, materials, coating and oiling. 

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