Ali Çolak

Essay Writer, Writer

10 July, 1965
Dokuz Eylül University Buca Faculty of Education Department of Turkish Language and Literature

Essayist (b. 10 July 1965, Nazilli / Aydın). He attended the Toygar Primary School, Sümer Elementary School and graduated from Nazilli Industrial Vocational High School. He started his graduate education at Gazi University, Faculty of Technical Education and completed at Dokuz Eylül University, Buca Faculty of Education, Department of Turkish Language and Literature (1988) in 1989. He worked at a publishing house for a time. He worked as a teacher of literature in state schools for a short time and as a teacher and manager at a private school for twelve years. He discontinued his postgraduate education without completing his thesis that he had started at Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Modern Turkish Language in 1989.

Beginning in the review Kardelen (Samsun) in 1987, his essays and research have been published in various reviews. He founded the review Kırkikindi (1989, 3 issues) with his friends in İzmir in 1989. He was the culture and art pages editor of the newspaper Zaman from 1992 and wrote weekly articles under the title Gül Saati (Rose Hour). He was selected as the Essayist of the Year by the Writers Union of Turkey with his work Günlük Güneşlik Şarkılar (The Joyous Songs) in 1996.

WORKS (Collection):

Mavisini Yitirmiş Yaşamak (Living With Lost Blue, 1995), Günlük Güneşlik Şarkılar  (The Joyous Songs, 1996), Günün Ötesi  (The Other Side of the Day, 1997), İnce Sözler (Sensitive Words, 1999), Periyi Uyandırmak (Waking Up the Fairy, 2000), Gün Sarısı (The Yellow of the Day, 2001), Söz Işıldağı (The Word Projector, 2003), Bir Bahçe Düşü (A Dream of a Garden, 2005).




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