Ali Coşkun

Devlet Adamı, Siyasetçi

20 Şubat, 1939
Yıldız Technical University Electricity Engineering Department

Politician and statesman. He was born in Baspinar sub-district / Kemaliye [Eğin] / Erzincan in 20 February 1939. In 1947, his family moved to Ankara. He was graduated from Mimar Kemal Primary School, I. Male Art Institute, - with the scholar of Sümerbank- Yıldız Technical University Electricity Engineering Department (1960). During the university years he attended to Turkish Music and theatre practices. He became the Student Association director. After his business economics education, he worked in Sümerbank for a while. After his transfer from Sümerbank to Kale Group, he worked in public limited companies, Fatih University and Coşkun College for thirty five years. Besides his duties in various foundations, association and companies, he also took place in DPT, TSE Istanbul Association of Manufacturers Congress and Directorship Councils. Also he worked as director of Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and Foreign Economic Relations Council.

He met the politics in DP Youth Section in 1957. He didn’t work in politics actively for a long time but after a will he attended to politic and was elected as 20th, 21st , and 22nd period Istanbul congressman. He worked as Turkish Grand National Assembly National Defense Commission Head; member of Planning and Budget Commission, member of Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Knowledge and Technology Commission, Vice General Director of AK Party. He became the Industry and Trade Minister in the 58th government established in November 19, 2002. He continued his duty during the 59th government. He received several awards for his works from various associations.

When he was the head of Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, he directed more than thirty scientific and technical researches and examinations. His many poems were composed as Turkish classical music, mystic music and folk songs forms. His articles were published in various newspapers and journals.


ECONOMY: Türkiye’nin Enerji Sorunları ve Çözüm Yolları, Ekonomik Kavram ve Göstergeler.

POETRY: Yalın Ayak.

REFERENCE: Mehmet Atilla Maraş / 22. Dönem Şair Milletvekilleri – 22. Dönem (2005), İhsan Işık (TEKAA, 2009).


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