Murathan Mungan

Yazar, Şair

21 Nisan, 1955
Ankara University Faculty of Language History and Geography Department of Theatre

Poet and writer (b. 21 April 1955, Üsküdar / İstanbul).  He is a graduate of Mardin High School and Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Theatre. He did his masters in the same department. His master’s thesis was Aynı Malzemenin Üç Ayrı Türde Yazılması ve Yazarlık Tekniklerinin İncelenmesi (Writing of the Same Material in three Different Styles and the Examination of Authorship Techniques). His doctoral dissertation Dil ve Yapı Özellikleri Açısından İki Kişilik Oyunlar ve Diyalogun Evrimi (Two Person Plays in Respect to Linguistic and Structural Properties and the Revolution of Dialogue) could not be finished because he had to leave his doctoral studies during the period of 12 September. He worked as a dramatist at Ankara State Theatres. Later, he worked at İstanbul City Theatres. In 1987, he worked as a culture and art page editor in the daily journal Söz. In 1991, he prepared a collection of 49 books with the emblem “Çelik” for Remzi Bookshops and supervised this series. From May 1996 onwards, he prepared some articles in a fragmentary style in the magazine Öküz. From January 2002 onwards, he wrote a whole page, still in a fragmentary way in the culture and art supplement of the journal Milliyet. He took a basic translation of Binbir Gece Masalı (The Tales of 1001 Nights), inspired by Richard Soudé’s play Binbir Gece Masalları (The Tales of 1001 Nights), which was put onto the stage by Lulu Menase at the City Theatres and then worked as the assistant director.

His poems were first published in the magazine Birikim. His poems and articles were then published in journals of which he was the editor-in-chief, such as Yeni İnsan, 7 Gün, etc. His first play to be staged was Bir Garip Orhan Veli (A Poor Orhan Veli) which he had adapted from Orhan Veli’s poems. This play, first performed in 1981, has been performed several times and it was published as a book in 1993. His play Mahmudo ile Yezida (Mahmudo and Yezida, 1980) won the second prize at the İş Bank 1979 Theatre Play Award.

He shared the Academy Poetry Award with Turgut Fişekçi and Ozan Telli with his poetry book Osmanlıya Dair Hikâyât (Stories about the Ottomans, 1981). He won the Gösteri magazine’s poetry award with his poem Sahtiyan (Moroccan Leather). He was selected as best theatre writer along with Mehmet Baydur for his play Taziye (Condolence) by the Art Institute. With his short story Hedda Gabler Diye Bir Kadın (A Woman Called Hedda Gabler), he shared the 1987 Haldun Taner Short Story Award with Nedim Gürsel. His short story Kasım ile Nasır (Kasım and Nasır) was performed in Italy at La Mamma Umbria Theater Center for two weeks. Geyikler Lanetler (Deer Curses), performed at Ankara State Theatres in 1999, was invited to be performed at the “Theater der Welt”, an international theatre festival in Schaubühne. It was also performed at the State Theatre of Thessalonica in 2003. Various shows and performances, featuring his poems and short stories, are constantly performed by various amateur, semi-professional groups and university clubs.

So far, Mungan has written lyrics for songs almost exclusively performed by the group Yeni Türkü. The cover album Söz Vermiş Şarkılar (The Songs Which Gave Promise) that gathers together all the song lyrics of the writer and is sung by various important artists was released in 2004. He has joined various debate and reading programs in Germany, Austria, Holland, Sweden, France, the United States and Greece. His articles, poems and some of his books have been translated into English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Greek, Finnish, Kurdish, and Dutch and published in various journals and magazines.   


POETRY: Osmanlıya Dair Hikâyât (Stories about the Ottomans, 1981), Kum Saati (Hour Glass, 1984), Sahtiyan (Moroccan Leather, 1985), Yaz Sinemaları (Summer Cinemas, 1989), Eski 45'likler (The Old 45 Records, 1989), Mırıldandıklarım (Things That I Mutter, 1990), Yaz Geçer (Summer Passes, 1992), Oda Poster ve Şeylerin Kederi (The Fate of the Room the Poster and the Things, 1993), Omayra (Omayra, 1993), Metal (Metal, 1994), Oyunlar İntiharlar Şarkılar (Plays, Suicides, Songs, 1997), Mürekkep Balığı (The Squid, 1997), Başkalarının Gecesi (The Night of the Others, 1997), Doğduğum Yüzyıla Veda (Farewell to the Century in which I was Born, 1999), Erkekler İçin Divan (Divan for Men, 2001), 13+1 (13+1, selected poems), Li Rojhilatê Dilê Min (In the East of my Heart, selections from Kurdish Poetry, 1996), Timsah Sokak Şiirleri (The Poems of Crocodile Street, 2003), Eteğimdeki Taşlar (The Stones in my Lap, 2004).

PLAY: Mahmud ile Yezida (Mahmud and Yezida, 1980), Taziye (Condolence, 1982), Geyikler Lanetler (Deer Curses, 1992), Bir Garip Orhan Veli (A Poor Orhan Veli, 1993).

SHORT STORY:  Son İstanbul (The Last İstanbul, 1985), Cenk Hikâyeleri (Short Stories of Battle, 1986), Kırk Oda (Forty Rooms, 1987), Lâl Masallar (Silent Tales, 1989), Kaf Dağının Önü (The Front of the Kaf Mountain, 1994), Üç Aynalı Kırk Oda (Forty Rooms with Three Mirrors, 1999), Çocuklar ve Büyükleri (Children and their Elders, 2001), 7 Mühür (7 Seals, 2002, selected shorts stories), Yüksek Topuklar (High Heels, 2002), Yabancı Hayvanlar (Foreign Animals, 2003).

ESSAY: Metinler Kitabı (The Book of Texts, 1998), Paranın Cinleri (The Genies of Money, 1997), Bir Kutu Daha (Another Box, 2004).

NOVEL: Yüksek Topuklar (High Heels, 2002), Beşpeşe (In Consecution, 2004, with Bülent Erkmen, Celil Oker, Pınar Kür, Elif Şafak, Faruk Ulay, Çador (Çador, 2004).

COLLECTION: Murathan ’95 (1995), Meskalin (Meskalin, 2000), Soğuk Büfe (The Cold Buffet, 2001), Yazıhane (The Bureau, 2003).

SCRIPT: Dağınık Yatak (The Untidy Bed, 1997), Dört Kişilik Bahçe (Garden for Four, 1997), Başkasının Hayatı (The Life of Another Person, 1997).

SELECTION: Ressamın İkinci Sözleşmesi (The Second Contract of the Painter, 1996), Çocuklar ve Büyükleri, Yazıhane, Yabancı Hayvanlar, Erkeklerin Hikâyeleri (Children and Their Parents, the Bureau, Foreign Animals, the Stories of Men, 2004), Kadınlığın 21 Hikâyesi (21 Short Stories of Womanhood, 2004).



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