Murat Ülker

İş İnsanı

Boğaziçi University School of Business Administration

Businessman, Chairman of the Ülker Group. Born in 1959 in Istanbul. He is the second son of Sabri Ülker, the founder of Ülker Holding, after his first son who had died in his early ages. Murat Ülker, having graduated from İstanbul High School, finished Boğaziçi University School of Business Administration in 1982, and attended various vocational training courses for quite a while. He did internship in Company in the USA. Then he carried out studies in the Middle East on exports for two years. He returned back to USA and Europe after finalization of his studies in the Middle East.

He carried out analysis and researches for three years on factories and facilities (around 60) involved in biscuit, chocolate and food sector. He took part in various IESC projects. He carried over this knowledge and experience to the R&D department of Ülker. In the meantime, he directed operations and expansion investments in their own group, depending on vertical integration principal. He started working in Ülker as the Control Coordinator in 1983. He became the Deputy General Manager Responsible for Enterprises and General Manager. Then he became a Member of Executive Committee.

Murat Ülker is currently working as the Chairman of Ülker Group. He speaks English and German. He is married and has three children. He is interested in sailing and shooting.


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