Munis Faik Ozansoy


04 Nisan, 1911
31 Mart, 1975
Ankara University Faculty of Law

Poet (b. 4 April 1911, Mytilene / Greece - d. 31 March 1975, Paris). He was from a family of Diyarbakır origin. He was the son of the poet Faik Ali Ozansoy. He attended the Galatasaray High School (1932), and graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law (1935). He served as the general secretary of the President (1958), undersecretary of Prime-Minister (1965) and as the UNESCO permanent representative of Turkey in Paris (1971). He is buried in Zincirlikuyu Graveyard.

His poems and articles had been published in the newspapers and reviews Şark, Çığır, Millet, Bayrak and Marmara (1936-37), which he published with his father, Faik Ali; in Hisar, which he founded, until 1936. His tragedy in verse titled Medea (1963) was put on the stage by the State Theatres and was translated into French by Tahsin Saraç.


POETRY: Büyük Mabedin Eşiğinde (At the Doorstep of the Great Sanctuary, 938), Hayal Ettiğim Gibi (Just Like I Had Dreamed, 1948), Yakarış (Pray, 1959), Bir Daha (Once More, 1959), Zaman Saati (Time Clock, 1965), Yakınma (Complaint, 1968), Kaybolan Dünya (The Lost World, 1971).

ESSAY: Düşündüğüm Gibi (Just Like I Thought, 1957).

PLAY: Medea (tragedy in verse, 1963; performed by Ankara State Theatre, 1966, translated into French by Tahsin Saraç in the same year).



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