Muhammed Çelik

Profesör, Tefsirci, Akademisyen

Marmara University Faculty of Theology

Researcher on interpretation science. He was born in Dicle / Diyarbakir in 1960. He graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Theology. He has completed his master’s degree with the thesis named “Kur’ ân’da Duâ” and his doctoral studies with the thesis Kur’ân’ın İkna Hususiyeti” at Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences. He was appointed as a lecturer to Dicle University, Faculty of Education in 1989. He started to work in the Theology Faculty in 1996; where he became an assistant professor and associate professor in 1998. He conducted research on his field in Egypt for three months with a scholarship from the Ministry of National Education. He worked as Basic Islamic Sciences Interpretation Subdivision Head at the same faculty. His articles were published in the journals of Yeni Ümit, DÜ İlâhiyat Fakültesi. He attended to the Symposium on Islamic Thought and submitted a paper.


Kur’ân’ın İkna Hususiyeti (1996), Kur’ ân Kur’ân’ı Tanımlıyor (1998).

REFERENCE: İhsan Işık (TEKAA, 2009).


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