Muammer Karaca

Yönetmen, Tiyatro Oyuncusu, Oyuncu

08 Kasım, 1906
28 Nisan, 1978

Actor, director (B. 8th November 1906, Istanbul - D. 28th April 1978, Istanbul). He was one of the initiators of the boulevard theatre in Turkey. He was the husband of Şükran Hanım the daughter of Kazım Dirik, who was the governor of Izmir in a certain period and one of the comrades in arms of Atatürk. He left his veterinary education incomplete and turned towards the theatre. In 1923, he got onstage for the first time as a walker-on. The next year, he participated in Darülbedayi (the City Theatre of Istanbul after 1933) and he played a role in the play Renkli Fener. After playing in the Operetta of Süreyya for a while in 1930, he worked in Darülbedayi until 1942. In this period, he played in a large number of plays and operettas such as Kafatası (1932) and Bir Ölü Evi (1932) from Nâzım Hikmet, Peer Gynt (1933) from Ibsen, Lüküs Hayat (1933) and Deli Dolu (1934) from the Rey Brothers, Müfettiş (1935) from Gogol and Yarasa (1938) from Strauss.

In 1942, he gained big success by playing in the revue of Ekrem Reşit Rey named Alabanda together with Safiye Ayla. He joined the Ses Operetta in the beginning of 1945. At the end of the same year, he founded the Operetta of Karaca and he put on the stage many plays in Anatolian tours, Mulenruj, Atlas Cinema and Maksim. Actors such as Celal Sururi, Tev­hit Bilge, İrma Toto (Toto Karaca), Muzaf­fer Hepgüler and Adile Naşit got on the stage in the Operetta of Karaca that was closed in 1950. Karaca founded the Karaca Theatre in Istanbul in 1955. The play Cibali Karakolu, which was staged in the foundation year of the theater and which was played thousands of times at intervals during sixteen years, gave big success to Karaca.

Karaca pursued the goal of making the community laugh by using the current political events in his jokes on the stage both in this play and in plays such as Ednan Bey Duymasın (Refik Kordağ, 1955), Sabık Bakan (Feydeau, 1955), Lahmacun Cumhuriyeti (1963), Demirel'e Söylerim (N. Yal-B. Selönü, 1966) and Senatür (1968) that he wrote himself. He also gave the opportunity to Kenterler, Münir Özkul and Tevhit Bilge communities to get on the stage in the theatre hall. After his community was separated, he worked in other theatres as a guest director and actor or he got into short partnerships.

During the vaudevilles that Karaca staged especially in his own theatre and in which he took the leading role, he took constantly the attention of the audience on himself and, with the help of his mastership in improvisation, he frequently went beyond the script of the play and continued with momentary jokes that were suitable to the atmosphere of the day. Karaca, who started to act in the cinema with the movie Karım Beni Aldatırsa of Muhsin Ertuğrul in 1933, took part in many movies such as Leblebici Horhor, Aynaroz Kadısı, Bir Ka­vuk Devrildi, Akasya Palas, and İstanbul Yıldız­ları. He played the leading role in some theater plays that were adapted into a movie such as Cibali Karakolu.


Muammer Karaca Opereti 1951 Turnesi (1951),  Artistler Albümü (30 pages).



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