Muammer Aksoy

Hukukçu, Yazar

31 Ocak, 1990
Ankara University Faculty of Law

Jurist and writer (b. 1917, İbradı /Antalya – d. 31 January 1990, Ankara).  He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law (1939). After completing his doctorate studies in Zurich at the Faculty of Law and State Sciences, he became a assistant of Commercial Law at İstanbul University, Faculty of Law. Protesting against the new university’s constitution plan, which the Democrat Party government had instigated, he left his job and joined the Republican People’s Party (1958).

After the 27 May military coup, he returned to the university and became a professor of Constitution Law at the Faculty of Political Sciences. He was the spokesman of the commission that prepared the 1961 Constitution. In 1975, he returned to the Republican People’s Party, which he had left in 1969, and was elected as the İstanbul parliamentary deputy (1977). He was imprisoned for a time during the 12 March period. He became Head of the Turkish Jurists Association and Head of the Ankara Bar after 12 September. He was one of the founders of the Ataturkist Thought Association along with Velidedeoğlu, Bahri Savcı and Bahriye Üçok. Human rights and democracy were his interests and he supported the revolution and principles of Atatürk during his whole life. He was killed by a gunshot wound.


Partizan Radyo ve DP (Partisan Radio and Democrat Party, 1960), Anayasa Mahkemesi Üyelerinin Seçimi Konusundaki Tartışma ve Bunun Ortaya Çıkardığı Kamu Hukuku Meseleleri (The Dispute on the Election of the Constitutional Court Members and the Public Law Issues Emerging from That, 1962), Sanayi Bakanı Çelikbaş'ın Rejime, Hukuka ve Memleket Menfaatlerine Aykırı Tutumu (The Attitude of the Minister of Industry Çelikbaş Against the Law and the Benefits of the Homeland, 1962), Ulusal Petrol Davamız (Our National Petrol Claim, 1964), Türkiye'deki Maden Mücadelesi (The Struggle of Mines in Turkey, 2 volumes, 1975), Sosyalist Enternasyonal ve CHP (The Socialist International and the Republican People’s Party, 1977).



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