Moiz Kohen

Hukukçu, Gazeteci, Yazar

Law Faculty
Diğer İsimler
Munis Tekinalp

Jurist, journalist and writer (B. 1883, Serres / Thessalonica – D. 1961, Nice / France). His real name was Moiz Kohen and he took the name Munis Tekinalp afterwards. Tekinalp, whose father was a rabbi, was born in a Jewish family. He took his education in the Alliance School and the graduated from the Law Faculty. His writings were published in a Turkish newspaper named Asır in Thessalonica and he worked as a lawyer for a period. He became the member of the İttihat ve Terraki Committee there. He took charge in several duties in the cultural entourage directed by Ziya Gökalp. After the proclamation of the Constitution (1908), he was chosen to the Thessalonica Provincial Council.

After the invasion of Salonika by the Greeks, he went to Vienna, and then he came to Turkey and settled in Istanbul. He worked as an assistant professor in the Law Faculty between the years of 1914-18. He published a newspaper named İktisadiyat Mecmuası in 1910. He was one of the founders of the Ulusal Kültür Birliği, including Yunus Nadi (1928). He was a member of the Türk Dil Institution and the Municipal Council of Istanbul (1945-50). He received the Basına 50 Yıl Hizmet Verenler Award (T.N. People who Served the Press for 50 Years Award) of the İstanbul University in 1948. He became a congressman candidate from the Cumhuriyet Halk Party in the elections of 1954-57; however, he couldn’t enter to the assembly.

His writings were published in the newspapers Yeni Asır, Rumeli, İttihad ve Terakki (Selanik), Vatan, Cumhuriyet, Hürriyet and Son Posta. He defended the Turkism in the impact of Ziya Gökalp and the free market economy.


Teşebbüs-ü Şahsi ve Adem-i Merkeziyet, Türkler (1914-1918) Muharebede Ne Kazanabilir?,  Türkleştirme, Kemalizm (1998), Türk Ruhu.



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