Fikret Adil


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Fikret Adil Kamertan, Bir İstanbullu, Kuloğlu

Writer (b. 1901, İstanbul – d. June 1973, Zürich / Switzerland). His full name was Fikret Adil Kamertan. He used the pen names “Bir İstanbullu” and “Kuloğlu” as well. He left Galatasaray High School when he was a senior and joined the army for the independence war. When the Republic was declared, he returned to İstanbul and worked at Miscellaneous Exchange Commission, Anadolu Agency (1930-36), and İş Bank (1937-66). He went to Switzerland for the treatment of his illness and died there. His grave is in Eyüp.

His works appeared in newspapers rather than reviews. He published the reviews Artist (1931), S.E.S. (Sanat-Edebiyat-Sosyoloji, Arts – Literature – Sociology 1939). His anecdotes, articles and short stories of arts and literature were published in newspaper, but not collected in a volume.


SHORT STORY-MEMOIR: Asma–lımescit 74 (Asmalımescit 74, 1933), İntermezzo (Intermezzo, 1955), Avare Gençlik - Gardenbar Geceleri (Idle Youth – Gardenbar Nights, 1990).

TRAVEL LITERATURE: Beyaz Yollar Mavi Deniz (White Roads, Blue Sea, 1959).

Besides he has adaptations and translations.


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