Feyyaz Sağlam

Araştırmacı, Yazar, Şair

27 Aralık, 1959
Dokuz Eylül University Buca Faculty of Education Department of Turkish Language and Literature

Researcher, writer and poet (b. 27 December 1959, Argıthanı / Ilgın / Konya). He attended Akşehir 24 Ağustos Primary School (1971), Akşehir Merkez Secondary School (1974) and graduated from Akşehir İsmet İnönü Industry Vocational High School (1977) and İzmir Dokuz Eylül University, Buca Faculty of Education, Department of Turkish Language and Literature (1985). He began his master’s education after he had worked in various factories for a while. He taught in Kars (1986) and has worked as an academician at Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Science and Literature since 2000.

His first article, Kültür Değerlerimize Kimler Sahip Çıkıyor? (Who Claims to Be the Owner of Our Cultural Values?), was published in Milliyet art review on 1 March 1985. Then his different works were published in Kardaş Edebiyatlar, Sanat Olayı, Yeni Kıbrıs, Batı Trakya'nın Sesi, Bay, Tarla, Turnalar (Cypriot) reviews. He wrote the Western Thrace section for the “Literature of the Turkish World Encyclopedia”. He has attended international scientific congresses, given conferences, presented papers and participated in TV and radio programs related to Western Thrace Turkish Literature. He has organized many activities connected to Turkish Culture in the Balkans, İzmir, Romania, Macedonia, Germany, Azerbaijan and Australia. His study and research works have been published in different European countries and Greece (Western Thrace), the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Israel, Australia and Azerbaijan. Some research works have been translated into English, German, Dutch, Hebrew, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian, Greek and Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Kazakh and Tatar. The Special Recognition Plaque was given to him for his service to Turkish literature in Greece (West Thrace), in addition to two awards given to him in Turkey. In 2004 he collected the Turks of Western Thrace Brotherhood Award and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Culture Associations Award for Contributions to the Turkish Language. Initiating the project “The Cypriot Balkan and Eurasian Turkish Literature Institution”, he established this institution with M. Şaban Kalkan and İsmail Bozkurt and in 2001 he became chairman. He is a member of the Folklore Research Center.


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