Mine Ergen

Oyun Yazarı, Yazar

02 Haziran, 1964
Istanbul University Faculty of Law

Playwright (b. 2 June 1964, Malatya). She graduated from the Sultanahmet Trade School (1982) and İstanbul University, Faculty of Law (1985). She completed the Press Museum Theater Course in 1989. She passed the exams of Erol Simavi Private Communication and Education Center and participated in the Practical Journalism Seminars in 1990. She directed the Human Rights Association Children Theater and Yenibosna People’s House Youth Theater in 1990 as well as the Eminönü People’s House and Workers Union Theaters in 1992. She directed the theater of the Working Women’s Union in 1992-93 and 1994 and the Children and Seniors Theaters of the Social Services Society for the Protection of Children in 1995. She worked as the editor-in-chief at monthly and weekly newspapers, as the press and public relations manager at the Press Museum Theater department and art adviser at Zeytinburnu Municipality (1992- 93). After 1993, she was the general art director at the Seba Art House and then managed the Mert Art House that she founded. She has worked as a theater director in Germany, France, Switzerland and Greece.

She works have been published in the newspapers Çağdaş Bakırköy, Cumhuriyet, Bizim Anadolu and in the review Junge Stimme (Germany). Beginning in her school years, she did research on bağlama* and folk dances courses at Public Education Centers and in other areas of Turkish folklore. In 1997, she won the Yunus Emre 3rd Original and Adaptated Play Writing Competition Achievement Award (1997) that was held by Bakırköy Municipality with her adaptation from the Surname of Aziz Nesin. She received the Theater Festival Special Award for her play Polisler (Policemen) that was performed in Berlin (May, 1999). As the Bakırköy representative, she was selected as the Chairwoman of the Management Committee of the Writers Syndicate of Turkey between 2003 and 2005. She is a member of the Writers Syndicate of Turkey, the Turkish Authors Association and the Theater Actors Association.


PLAY: Berber Hayri (Barber Hayri, staged in 1989), Evlicilik (The Marriage Game, staged in 1990-93), Bizim Ora (Our Land, staged in 1991), Sınırlı Seçim (Limited Election, staged in 1991), Sınırlı Seçim ve Bizim Ora (Limited Election and Our Land, 1991), Doğa Biziz (We are Nature, children’s play, staged in 1992-98), Sesleniş (The Call, staged in 1990-92), Teleyalanlar (Tele-Frauds, staged in 1997-99), Gülay'ın Geleceği (Future of Gülay, staged in 1997-98), İyiliğiniz İçin (For Our Goodness, staged in 1995-98), Polisler (Policemen, staged in Berlin, 1999), İdamname-Surname (The Book of Execution, The Book of Festival, 2000), Birlikte Güçlüyüz (We Are Mighty Together, staged), Çağdaş Nasreddin (Modern Nasreddin, staged), Yılmaz Savaşçı (The Dauntless Warrior, theatrical  poem, staged in 2004).

ADAPTATION: İdamname (The Book of Execution, from the Surname* by Aziz Nesin, 1997), Tohum (The Seed, by Muzaffer Oruçoğlu).

STUDY: Amatör Tiyatroculara Sahneleme Önerileri (Performing Suggestions for the Amateur Theater Performers, 1997).



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