Mikâil Müşfik


05 Haziran, 1908
Azerbaijan State University Faculty of Science and Literature

Poet (b. 5 June 1908, Baku, Azerbaijan – d. 1937, Siberia). He graduated from Azerbaijan State University, Faculty of Science and Literature and began to work as a pedagogue. He worked as a teacher at elementary schools for seven years. He was one of the Azerbaijani intellectuals in the Stalin period. He was sent to exile by Stalin and was killed there.

He took up poetry at an early age, with his first poem “Bugün” (Today). He was appreciated by the Azerbaijani people with his poems and became one of the most read poets. Some people had his wife Dilber Ahundzâde write articles against him to humiliate the poet in the eyes of the people. He was a productive poet, and some of his works were published posthumously. He also translated works from western literature, particularly from Russian.

WORKS (Poetry):

Günün Sesleri (Sound of the Day, 1930), Şiirler (Poems, 1934), Gaya (The Rock, 1935), Telgraf Telleri (Telegram Wires, 1966), Duygu Yarpagları (Leaves of Sentiments, 1966), Yene O Bağ Olaydı (Wish It Had Been Real, 1976), Ebediyet Nağmesi (Book of Literature, 1970). 


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