Metin Sözen

Sanat Tarihçisi

Istanbul University Department of Art History

Art historian (b. 1936, Elazığ). He graduated from Antalya High School and Istanbul University, Department of Art History (1959). He became an assistant of Turk-Islam in the department that he graduated from and completed his doctorate there (1967). He became assistant professor (1972) and professor (1979). He worked as an academician at İstanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture. He helped to prepare some programs for the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. He was appointed as a consultant for culture and arts to the Turkish National Assembly Presidency (1984). At the National Palaces he supervised many repair and restoration projects on historical houses and palaces. He has written studies about famous architects and Turkish architectural history. His articles have been published in Yelken, Akşam, Sanat Olayı reviews and newspapers etc.


RESEARCH: Anadolu Medreseleri (Madrasah Muslim Schools of Anatolia, 1970), Anadolu' da Kentler (Cities in Anatolia, 1971), Diyarbakır'da Türk Mimarisi (Turkish Architecture in Diyarbakır, 1971), Türk Mimarlığı'nın Tarihsel Gelişimi (Historical Development of Turkish Architecture, 1980), Anadolu'da Akkoyunlu Mimarisi (Akkoyunlu Architecture in Anatolia, 1981), Tarihsel Gelişimi İçinde Türk Sanatı (Turkish Art in the Historical Development Process, 1983), Cumhuriyet Dönemi Türk Mimarlığı (Turkish Architecture in the Republic Period, 1984), Sanat Kavram ve Terimleri Sözlüğü (Glossary of Art Concepts and Terms, with Uğur Tanyeli, 1986), Sinan, Architect of Ages 1988.

DOCUMENTARY FILM: Anado–lu'da Konutun Öyküsü (Story of Houses in Anatolia, 1984), Kültürlerin Yeşerdiği Ülke Türkiye (The Country Turkey in which Cultures Appear, 1984), Bin Türlü Mavi Akar Boğaziçinden (1000 Kinds of Blue Flow From the Bosphorus, 1987), Eski Konaklar - Yeni Konaklar (Old Houses-New Houses, 1988), Suyla Gelen Kültür (Culture that Comes with Water, 1988) etc.


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