Ali Canip Yöntem

Yazar, Şair

00 Haziran, 1887
26 Ekim, 1967

Poet and writer (b. 1887, İstanbul – d. 26 October 1967). He completed his graduate education in Thessalonica (1906). He left School of Law when he was at last grade. He worked as a teacher at the high schools in Thessalonica and Trabzon, Education Director in Giresun and Education Inspector (1912- 27). He was elected Ordu (1934) and Çanakkale (1943) deputy. He worked as an academician at İstanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Turkish Language and Literature (1943). Afterwards, he was a member of Turkish Historical Society and Turkish Language Association. Formerly, he was in the Dawn of the New Age group. Afterwards, he adopted the National Literature movement that Ziya Gökâlp and Ömer Seyfettin led and he became one of the founders of the review Genç Kalemler that was published in Thessalonica (11 April 1911).

He published his articles in the reviews Hüsn ve Şiir (Manastır, 1910), Servet-i Fünûn, Aşiyan, Halka Doğru (1914-15), Yeni Mecmua (1917-18), Türkiyat, Hayat except the review Genç Kalemler that he was editor. He used the pen name Yekta Bahri in his polemics. He wrote his poems with prosody meter firstly but then he used syllabic meter when he adopted the National Literature movement. He is known for his researches on literature history more than his poetry.


POETRY: Geçtiğimiz Yol (The Way That We Passed, 1918).

STUDY-RESEARCH: Millî Ede–biyat Meselesi ve Cenab Beyle Münakaşalarım (National Literature Issue and My Disccussions with Cenab Bey, 1918), Epope ve Edebî Nevilerle Mesleklere Dair Malumat (Information on Sorts and Jobs of Literature and Epopee, 1927), Türk Edebiyatı Antolojisi (Anthology of Turkish Literature, 1931), Ömer Seyfettin / Hayatı ve Eserleri (Ömer Seyfettin / Life and Works, 1935), Naima Tarihi (History of Naima), Leyla ile Mecnun (Leyla and Mecnun).



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