Akif Pirinççi

Roman Yazarı

Novelist (b. 1947, İstanbul). He lives in Germany. He is well known for his detective novels. His novel called Felidae in which he wrote about the brutality of contemporary civilization has sold two million copies in Germany and in 1989 it was chosen as the best detective novel and was made into a cartoon. His first book called Sonu Hep Gözyaşı (It Always Ends in Tears) is a novel about love. He has written science fiction and fantasy novels too. He has worked in cinema, written screenplays and made short films.

WORKS (Novel):

Sonu Hep Gözyaşı, Gövde, Yin, Felidae 1 (It Always Ends in Tears, Body, Yin, Felidae 1, 1989), Felidae 2 (Felidae 2, 1989), Felidae 3 (Felidae 3, Turkish by Selahattin Dilidüzgün, 1999), Francis (Francis, translation by Özden Karadana and Mahmure Kahraman, 2000).



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