Ahmet Yorulmaz

Çevirmen, Yazar


Writer and translator (b. 1932, Ayvalık / Balıkesir – d.  2014). After secondary school, he left his studies and began working. He continued as a journalist in Ayvalık, a job that he had begun in 1952 in İstanbul. There he published the newspaper Türk Dünyası (8 issues, 1961). After working as a bookseller for thirty three years (1963-96), he retired in order to write and translate.

He has translated poems and novels from contemporary Greek literature and plays which have not been staged. Many of the stories and poems were published in reviews such as Varlık and Türk Dili. Some of his translations featured in Asım Bezirci’s book named Dost Türk-Yunan Şairlerinin Diliyle Barış (Peace with the Language of the Friendly Turkish-Greek Poets). He wrote about the famous people visiting Ayvalık in his work Portreler (Portraits). He reflected the drama of the Greeks and Turks who had to leave their country by force in his novel trilogy beginning with Savaşın Çocukları (Children of War).


MONOGRAPHY: Ayvalık'ı Gezerken (While Wandering in Ayvalık, 1997).

NOVEL: Savaşın Çocukları - Girit' ten Sonra Ayvalık (Children of War- Ayvalık After Crete, 1997), Kuşaklar - Ya da Ayvalık Yaşantısı (Generations- Or the Life in Ayvalık, 2002), Savaşın Çocukları (Children of War, 2002), Girit'ten Cunda'ya - Ya da Aşkın Anotomisi (From Crete to Cunda- Or the Anatomy of Love, 2003).

PORTRAIT: Ayvalık'ta İz Bırakanlar (People who Left their Footprints in Ayvalık, 1998).

He has also done translations. 



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