Selahattin Demirtaş

Avukat, Hukukçu, Siyasetçi

10 Nisan, 1973
Ankara University Faculty of Law

Lawyer, independent lawyer, politician. He was born in Palu/Elazığ in April 10, 1973. His father’s name is Tahir, his Mother’s name is Şadiye. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law. He worked as an independent lawyer. He worked as Member of Human Rights Association Diyarbakır Office Administrative Board and as head of Office (2006). He was the member of Turkey Human Rights Foundation and amnesty International Turkey Office.

Selahattin Demirtaş was elected as Diyarbakır Independent congressman during the TGNA XXIII. Period (22 July 2007-12 June 2011). Later he and some other congressmen from East and South-East in the Assembly came together under the roof of Democratic Society Party and established DSP Assembly Group. When this party was closed by the Constitutional Court he stayed independent for a while and then they established the Peace and Democracy Party (PDP) came together again under the roof of it. During the extraordinary general assembly of PDP in February 1, 2010, he won the co-presidency with Gültan Kışanak.

Demirtaş was accused with “making the propaganda of a terror group” because of his words in a speech he made in 2006 says about Abdullah Öcalan that “His role must be evaluated on solution of Kurdish problem” and he was sentenced with 10 months but the explanation of the judgment was taken behind and it was decided to keep him under supervised release for 5 years.

During the TGNA XXIV Period (12 June 2011) general election, he attended independently again but was elected with the support of PDP and was elected as Diyarbakır Congressman and got in to the Parliament. He knows Zazaish very well, knows English and Kurdish at intermediate level, he is married and has two kids.


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