Commander and poet, national hero of the Bashkort Turks (B. 1754, Tekeyevo Village, Bashkortostan-d. 1800, Rogervik Castle, Estonia). He was one of the leaders of Peasants Rebellion against to the regime of Czar in Russia in 1773 and was a close fight friend of Pugaçov who was the leader of the rebellion. He joined the rebellion army of Pugaçov with his father Yulay because of being against the pressure and injustice (1773) and was charged with the duty of organize guerrilla  units in the northwestern of Bashkortostan. Although the rebellion failed, Salavad continued to fight against the army of Czar and was arrested with his father. He was exiled to the Rogervik Castle in Russia with the sentence of death in 2 October 1775 and died after 25 years later in this castle.

There were five hundred verses reached today from his poems. His name was given to a province, a city, streets and culture houses and a museum was opened in the name of him in Salavat Province. A statue of Salavat on a horse is placed in the emblem of the Russian Federation Bashkortostan Republic. Baskhortostan Republic State Awards are given in the name of him to the best works in the fields of literature, art and architecture since 1967. 

WORKS (Poetry):

Şiirler (Poems, 1981), Şiirler, Şarkılar, Belgeler (Poems, Songs, Documents, 1994), Şiirler (Poems, 2004), Salavat Yulayev: Şiirler, Belgeler, Hakkında Eserler (Salavat Yulayev: Poems, Documents and Works about Him, 2004, in Turkish and Bashkort).

KAYNAKÇA: Resimli ve Metin Örnekli Türkiye Edebiyatçılar ve Kültür Adamları Ansiklopedisi (2009).



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