Ferit Tüzün

Orkestra Şefi, Müzisyen

24 Nisan, 1929
20 Ekim, 1977
Ankara State Conservatory Department of Piano, Ankara State Conservatory Department of Composition

Composer, conductor (B. 24th April 1929, Istanbul – D. 20th October 1977, Ankara). He completed his primary education in Kınalıada, he went to his sister in Ankara upon his father’s death and attended Ankara Atatürk High School. For his sister graduated from the Singing Department, Istanbul Conservatory, he got acquainted with music at early years and he met Ulvi Cemal Erkin thanks to his sister and attended Piano Department at Ankara State Conservatory. Upon suggestions of his teacher Necil Kâzım Akses and Erkin, he attended the Composition Department as well and graduated from the Piano Department in 1949 and from the Composition Department in 1951.

After his graduation, he became an assistant of Necil Kâzım Akses at the Composition Department for two years. Having passed the exam conducted by MEB (T.N.Ministry of National Education) and was sent to Academy of Music in Munich. He was the student of famous conductor Fritz Lehmann. Upon Lehmann’s death, he conducted his studies on conductorship with Adolf Mennerich and Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. While he was studying composition, he also took composition lessons from Karl Amadeus Hartmann and Carl Orff in Munich. When he completed his music education in 1958, he extended his scholarship in Munich for one more year and became the vice-conductor in Munich State Opera; and also conducted concerts in various cities. Tüzün, who returned to Turkey in 1959, worked at Ankara State Opera and Ballet as a conductor. He taught Ankara Conservatory in 1974 and then he was appointed as the General Director of State Opera and Ballet in January 1997. 23 years after his dead (2000), Tüzün was awarded with the Honorary Award Golden Medal by Sevda – Cenap And Music Foundation.

He used themes of Anatolian Folk Music and motives in Turkish Music in his compositions and he composed his first important composition, Ninni in his last year in conservatory. This composition was first performed by Istanbul Şehir Orchestra conducted by Cemal Reşit Rey in 1952. His compositions Anadolu Süiti (1954), Türk Cappriccio'su (1956) and Humoresque (Nasreddin Hoca) (1957) which he composed in Germany were performed for the first time by Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. Çeşmebaşı, the first Turkish ballet, the opera Midas’ın Kulakları which he composed upon request of TRT, and the orchestra work Esintiler, which he composed upon the request of TRT, are among his most important compositions. Besides, he had a ballet suite he composed for the ballet Çayda Çıra which was based on a legend told around Elazığ and a ballet suite in Kınalı Eller, performed for the first time in 2004. His latest composition Söyleşi, was an orchestra work which was ordered by the Ministry of Culture for the Celebration of the Fifth Year of the Republic.


Piyano parçaları (1948), Canzonetta ve Gavotta (1950), Cahit Külebi'nin Atatürk Kurtuluş Sa­vaşı' nda şiiri için fon müziği (1952), Orkestra için Anadolu süiti (1954), Kapriçyo ve Hümoresk, (1956), Bale süiti Çeşmebaşı (1964), Esintiler (1965) Midas'ın Kulakları (1967).



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