Safiye Ali

Tıp Doktoru

02 Şubat, 1891
Amerikan Kız College

First Turkish female doctor (B. 2 February 1891, Istanbul – D. 1592, Deutscland). She was from a family who were noted for their services in various fields in the Ottoman Empire. Along with having attended Amerikan Kız College, she also took private lessons. During the Balkan Wars, she saw the wounded soldiers and decided to be a doctor. However, financial problems and the conditions of the period she lived in restricted her opportunities. Safiye Ali, who attracted attentions with her sedulity and successes, didn’t give up despite all barriers she encountered and was sent to Germany to take medicine education with the help of Şükrü Bey, the Minister of National Education.

She specialized on women’s and children’s diseases in Germany. She returned to Turkey in the last days of Turkish Independence War and got to work immediately. She served in a clinic established by Cağaloğlu and at milk and nursing homes. She was supported by prestigious doctors of the era like Besim Ömer Pasha, Akil Muhtar, Surgeon Emin Bey. She represented Turkey in medicine congresses abroad. She treated the soldiers in World War II in Germany where she went to due to her health problems with her husband. She couldn’T cope with the cancer disease she got and died of cancer in 1952.

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