Mehmet Seyda


15 Ağustos, 1919
13 Temmuz, 1986

Writer (b. 15 August 1919, İstanbul – d. 13 July 1986). His surname was Çaliker, but he did not use the name in his books. He was the brother-in-law of the poet Cemal Süreya. He left Pertevniyal High School early and worked as a civil servant at the Zongukdak Ereğli, Divrik Coal Works (1937-46). He moved to İstanbul in 1950 where he worked at the municipality as an inspecting officer of entertainment venues (1951-60). He worked at the General Directorate of the Press and Information Committee until his retirement.

His first short story Mum (Candle), which he wrote with inspiration from Tolstoy, was published in the review Yücel with the pen name S. Toprak (1936). His first short story to be published with his real name Alınyazısı (Fate) appeared in the review Yeni Adam in 1937. Seyda, who also wrote poems, took up magazine story writing and serializing novels because of economical problems. His novel with the title Ne Ekersen (What You Sow) came third at the contest held by the newspaper Cumhuriyet in 1958, which was a leap in his literary career. He was also famous for the incredible number of awards he received such as, the Sait Faik Award in 1964 with his short story Başgöz Etme Zamanı (Time to Get Married), the Doğan Kardeş Children’s Award in 1964 with his book Bir Gün Büyüyeceksin (One Day You’ll Grow Up), two achievements awards at the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation Art Awards in 1970 with his novel Yanartaş (Burning Stone) and his short story Şehzadenin Başıdır (The Head of the Prince), the May Literature Award in 1968 with his novel İhtiyar Gençlik (Old Youth) and the Turkish Language Association Novel Award in 1974 with İçe Dönük ve Atak (Introverted and Rash).


SHORT STORY: Zonguldak Hikâyeleri (Stories from Zonguldak, 1962), Beyaz Duvar (White Wall, 1962), Başgöz Etme Zamanı (Time to Marry, 1963), Oyuncakçı Dükkânı (Toy Shop, 1964), Garnizonda Bir Olay (An Event at the Garrison, 1968), Anahtarcı Salih (Salih the Locksmith, 1969), Kör Şeytan (Blind Devil, 1974), Bana Karşı Ben (Me Against Me, 1976), Kapatma (Kidnapped Girl, 1980).

NOVEL: Yaş Ağaç (Young Tree, 1958), Ne Ekersen (What You Sow, 1958), Cinsel Oyun (Sexual Game, 1960), Bir Gün Büyüyeceksin (One Day You’ll Grow Up, 1966), Sultan Döşeği (Bed of the Sultan, 1969), Köroğlu (Köroğlu, 1969), Nemrut Mustafa (Cruel Mustafa, 1970), Süeda Hanımın Ortanca Kızı (The Second Daughter of Süeda Hanım, 1970), Yanartaş (Burning Stone, 1970), İhtiyar Gençlik (Old Youth, 1971), İçe Dönük ve Atak (Introverted and Rash, 1973), Gerçek Dışı (Super-real, 1976), Mavi Siyah Aşk (Black and Blue Love, 1989).

OTHER WORKS: Bir Açıdan (In One Aspect, essays, 1969), Türk Romanı (Turkish Novel, reports from a forum on the novel Devlet Ana - Mother State by Kemal Tahir, 1969), Edebiyat Dostları (Friends of Literature, interviews with 29 writers, 1970), Çocukluk Yılları (Childhood Years, memories, 1979).

In addition, he wrote a number of children’s books.



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