Mehmet Rauf (Oyun Yazarı)

Oyun Yazarı, Yazar

23 Şubat, 1918
School of Politics

Playwright (b. 1882, İstanbul - d. 23 February, 1918). He should not be confused with the novelist Mehmet Rauf. He graduated from the School of Politics (1902). He worked as a public prosecutor at the Appeal Court of the State Council and as an instructor of Greek and Italian literature at İstanbul University, Department of Literature (1912-18). He published his poems, articles and translations in the magazine he published himself called Resimli Kitab Mecmuası. He is more famous for his plays and his research on the history of literature.


RESEARCH: Yunan Kadim Tarih-i Edebiyatı (The Literature of Ancient Greek History, 1911), İtalyan Tarih-i Edebiyatı (The Literature of Italian History, 1913).

PLAY: Tiraje (Rainbow, with Raif Necdet, 1914), Pervane (The Fan, 1914), Nikâhta Keramet (The Miracle in Marriage, 1915), Ateş ile Barut Arasında (Between Fire and Gunpowder, 1915).


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