Mehmet Niyazi Tanılır

Diplomat, Bürokrat

Ankara University Political Sciences Faculty Diplomacy and Administration Department

Bureaucrat, diplomat. He was born in Bingöl in 1960. He is from a family from Diyarbakır, son of Yaşar Tanılır who was kadayıf (shredded wheat in syrup desert) maker. When he was a little child he came to Diyarbakır with his family, he completed primary school in here and completed Ziya Gökalp High School then he graduated from Ankara University Political Sciences Faculty Diplomacy and Administration Department. Between 1982 and 1983, he performed his military duty as reserve officer. After he worked as supervision employee in Ministry of Public Works then he began to work as local authority.  He worked as intern for district governor in Sakarya Governorate.

In 1990, he was sent to England to learn English Language and make research on English public administration system for one year period by Ministry of Internal Affairs. He worked as Kütahya Aslanapa Vice District Governor, Afyon Suhut District Governor, Kastamonu Hanönü District Governor, Van Vice Governor, Cankırı Ilgaz District Governor and Ankara Cubuk District Governor.

Between September 14, 2004 and March 16, 2007 years, he worked as Van Governor, in March 5, 2007; he was assigned as Governor to Kahramanmaraş. After for years in this duty, in March 10, 2011, he was assigned as Public Order and Security (POS) Under-secretary. With the April 17, 2012goverment order for ambassadors, he was assigned as Karadağ (Podgorica) ambassador and began to his new duty in June 2012.

In 2000, he was sent to London by Internal Affairs Ministry to study his master on criminology. In 2001, he completed National Security Council General Secretariat 28th Period Public Diplomacy course. He has published works on reform in public administration, public staff regime, social security system, health system and internet in different press organs. He is married and knows English. His master thesis was published as book by titled “İnternet Suçları ve Bireysel Mahremiyet”.

REFERENCE: İhsan Işık / Diyarbakır Ansiklopedisi (2013). 



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