Sadun Aren

İktisatçı, Siyasetçi

19 Mart, 1922
Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences

Economist, politician (B. March 19, 1922, Erzurum – D. 2008, Ankara). He completed his primary and secondary education in several provinces. He graduated from Eskişehir High School (1940) and Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences (1944). He was appointed as the Economics and Finance Group assistant at the same faculty in 1945. He became a professor in 1958. He worked as a consultant at DPT between the years 1960-1962. He became a member of TIP (Workers’ Party of Turkey). He was the TIP Istanbul deputy at TGNA between the years 1965 and 1969. He was arrested during March 12, 1971 military intervention with the reason of being a TIP ruler, and during September 12, 1980 military coup because of the reason being the Research Institute Director at DISK. He was put on trial and imprisoned. After being released from the prison in 1984, he worked together with Aziz Nesin at the establishment and management of an intellectual attempt named “Democracy Watch Committee”. He participated in the publication of a journal named Marksizm ve Gelecek in 1989 and worked as the editor. Then he participated in the formation of a new Marxist socialist party SBP and was selected as the president of the political party which was officially established on January 15, 1991.


Türkiye’de Bütçenin Hazırlanışı (from E, Kurnow, 1956), İstihdam, Para ve İktisadî Politika (1960, 1963), İktisada Başlangıç (1965), 100 Soruda Ekonomi El Kitabı (1968), TİP Olayı 1961-1971 (1993).

REFERENCE: Mücellidoğlu Ali Çankaya / Yeni Mülkiye Tarihi ve Mülkiyeliler (vol. V, 1968), Yurt Ansiklopedisi (vol. IV, 1982), TİP Olayı 1961-1971(1993).


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